Good & Evil

This seems like a bit of a heavy topic to start a blog with, but hey, it’s something that’s on my mind and I think it’s something interesting to think about.

Evil may not actually exist. Obviously, we can conceptualize evil (i.e. when we imagine what society ought to be, evil is what we call what it ought not to be.) However, determining what is evil based on a person’s conception may not be completely sound–how does that individual know that what they imagine what a society ought not to be is universally true? That becomes a matter of belief and supposition, and while some may have convincing arguments for it, it seems that it might never actually be proven one way or another.

Further, an act interpreted as what ought not to be–in other words, evil–by one person may be interpreted as a morally ambiguous or even good act by another. Because there are an infinite number of ways to view different acts, placing emphasis on different variables which justified or did not justify the motive, a single act can be interpreted as having infinitely varying degrees of goodness or evil.

Because of this, concrete evil might not exist in the sense of a single action always being evil. But, actions might be a combination of goodness and evil. Because of this, to make the effort to avoid all evil might be a rather short-lived endeavor.


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