New Project

I’ve wanted to try writing a screenplay for a while, and I finally decided what story I would tell, though I’m not sure if it’s a project I’m ready to work on. Frankly, it is a bit too morbid for me right now…

Vicarious Suicide

Samantha is a young adult struggling with her own mental health issues triggered by major life changes. Unable to balance commitments with her own well-being, she struggles with her own overwhelming feelings and delves into suicidal ideation. However, valuing her commitments to those around her and her job, she believes that she would never commit the act. Instead, she chooses to experience it vicariously by reading fiction whose characters commit suicide. As she becomes more involved with her fantasy worlds, she begins to lackadaisically approach her career responsibilities, losing her job, and then begins to lose touch with the people she loves, eventually losing everything in life that she had to live for.

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