Congratulations is the single best word that you could ever read at the beginning of an email or a letter. Today, I was accepted with full author status to JukePop Serials for my manuscript “Deep in the Wide-Famed Well”. I invite you to click here to read, up-vote, comment, tweet on twitter, share on facebook, and donate if you so choose.

“Deep in the Wide-Famed Well” (DWFW) is a dystopian sci-fi novel that takes place in future Chicago. Readers follow Tyson, who lives in the future with no picture of the past; a hostage testing out alternate realities for a government in crisis. Can he continue to live through multiple realities? Or will he find his soul, find his past, and find a way to fight? Readers familiar with norse mythology may catch intriguing references, but there is no need to know about the Norse Pantheon to enjoy this story. (Book tags: future, Chicago, government, dystopian, dystopia, human rights, science fiction, sci fi, Mimir, well, testing, ethics, male protagonist, Odin, Tyr).

For those who aren’t familiar with JukePop Serials, it is a website that hosts serialized writing where users can up-vote chapters and submit comments. Chapters that are most voted for receive monthly cash rewards, but authors can also choose to lock chapters which users pay to unlock, or receive donations through an amazon business widget on their page. I chose this mode of publication for several reasons:

  1. I don’t believe that my writing is sophisticated enough to attract attention from a publishing house yet (which is also why a platform like JukePop is important to me–see #3).
  2. Self publishing without an existing following makes it difficult to gain a readership without networking extensively.
  3. I can get immediate feedback on each chapter, and tailor my writing to what my readers want, as well as hear other opinions and ideas about my writing.

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    • Hi Brett,
      As long as you link the article you talk about, go ahead! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the blog! (Sorry it took awhile for me to respond, your comment was accidentally marked as spam!)

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