“Then the world changed!” exclaimed Mel.

Today I learned something small and great, simply because a reader left some helpful feedback on my JukePop writing. That something was this:

I have been incorrectly punctuating dialogue tags my entire life.

Mind you, I’m no Emily Dickinson with hiding my writings in a cupboard and showing them to no one. I turned in such writing for creative writing and English classes. Nary a peep from the teachers about said tags. Alas, teachers are not editors.

I did feel slightly comforted when several people pointed out that it is actually a common error. For example I was writing dialogue tags such as:

“Do you want a taco?” Asked Sam.
“I would love a taco!” Exclaimed Pat.
“I would like a chicken taco, please.” Said Leo.

When those dialogue tags would correctly be:

“Do you want a taco?” asked Sam.
“I would love a taco!” exclaimed Pat.
“I would like a chicken taco, please,” said Leo.

Yes, those are lower case letters following punctuation marks enclosed by quotation marks. You can read more about punctuating dialogue by clicking here.

I guess this post lends itself well to supporting two of the best pieces of advice for writing. 1. Get an editor. 2. Have good beta readers.

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2 responses to ““Then the world changed!” exclaimed Mel.

  1. Nice to know. But poetry Allows us to break every rule,for effectiveness sake. As well as letting us be ignoramuses.Ignoramusii.Poetry,Prose narrative ? I get it,I get it. LOL

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