Libraries Are Written Through Small Commitments

Contrary to what many writing books and magazines suggest, my daily writing commitment is 30 minutes. Rain or shine, exhausted or not, my goal is to write at least 30 minutes. If I write 30 minutes everyday, not only am I developing a consistent practice, I am also developing the creative staying power to carry me through longer stretches of time. (Following the pedagogical theory that a shorter amount of practice time each day is better than a longer amount of practice time while skipping some days.)

This stands in contrast to, for example, writing one hour every weekday and skipping weekends, or two hours every three days out of the week. Who says that one or two hours is fully effective? What happens if one runs into writers block?

With a small daily commitment like 30 minutes, less time is wasted if I do run into a block, have low energy, or just don’t feel like it. On the other hand, if I have high energy and a wellspring of creativity, I can easily recommit that particular day for an additional 30 minutes or more. This is also beneficial because writing never feels like a chore, or at least a very minimal one. It is always something that I can look forward to, that I can retreat to; something that can always meet me where I am.


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