Brain in a Vice

“All that we see or seem,
is but a dream within a dream.”
Yet all that we dream or think,
is but a spark behind a blink.

When all I see is TV snow,
and the angry aura is aglow,
hot sharp pain’s lobotomy,
orange bottle holds the key.

To shut down the spark behind the blink,
To shut down all I dream and think,
To end the dream within a dream,
Yet help me see and let me seem.



17 responses to “Brain in a Vice

  1. This is fascinating, I really like the rhymes too! Can I ask why you don’t have a Like button? I would have Liked to click it, haha


  2. That’s the life-long wish of every Buddhist monk or those of Hindu meditation.Your last two lines illustrate the paradox; ‘ there is no You ‘ Yet who is it that feels ? The spark will show you what there is.Peace and happiness comes to those who wonder and are frustrated.

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