Deep In The Wide-Famed Well Web Serial Chapter 4

The fourth chapter of Deep In The Wide-Famed Well just went live on JukePop web serials (by just I mean 20 minutes ago). Read it here.

This web serial is an edited version of a novella I wrote in 12th grade. I broke the chapters into smaller chunks so readers could easily read a chapter in about five minutes.

In chapter four, readers meet some of Tyson’s coworkers. Tyson (the male main character) has so far been portrayed as relatively easy-going: he loves his family but is haunted by the death of his mother. However, in chapter 4 readers get a glimpse of some of the obscene actions that plague this dystopia, and hear some details about the future’s geography.

I’m sharing this work on JukePop primarily for feedback, so please read it and critique. If you enjoyed it, please  +vote it on JukePop.

Synopsis below.

Tyson lives in the future with no picture of the past; a hostage testing out alternate realities for a government in crisis. Can he continue to live through multiple realities? Or will he find his soul, find his past, and find a way to fight?

598px-Attack_on_HamburgPicture source.


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