A Year Of Writing

Indie Thursdays, A Year Of Writing Podcast: Melissa Jordan

Go ahead and check out that link up there. It will link you to a Podcast on a blog called “A Year of Writing,” a 10 minute podcast about my work, but more importantly the “Year of Writing” blog. Check out the “Year Of Writing” about page, too. It details Omar’s incredible plan to write, blog and podcast for an entire year! Go show him some love!

In the podcast above, Omar talks about my 10 minute poetry, and reads a few selections. It was awesome getting this feedback, because I don’t know if I would choose the same poems to share. I think hearing a different voice read and critique them gave me a fresh perspective and new appreciation for the poems. It also gave me a new appreciation for alliteration. Recently, I’ve been using alliteration A LOT, but when I reread the work, I’m not so sure about it. Hearing him talk about the sounds that are created by the alliteration I use and the emotions it evokes reminded me why alliteration is even useful in the first place. I always love hearing what people like and don’t like about my writing, and I’m happy that hearing him read this work could help me love it again.

(You can also follow him on twitter @YearOfWriting )


2 responses to “A Year Of Writing

  1. Hey Mel!

    Thanks so much for writing this feedback about my feedback, haha. One of the things I’ve noticed about writing is that, despite its solitary nature, it’s really a symbiotic act. A writer needs a reader and vice versa. Getting feedback has to be one of the most rewarding parts about being a writer, and yet it’s also cause for great anxiety.

    I’m glad that in this case, my feedback gave you a boost of confidence in your approach.

    Though my choice of poetry may have seemed arbitrary, I thought I’d let you know that I considered a few of your others before I settled on these.

    I picked them because they seemed emblematic of the whole. Nature runs strongly within your work and so, too, does a penchant for rhythmic writing. Even when it doesn’t rhyme, it flows.

    It’s a happy coincidence that these two were also the most recent ones on your site when I recorded the podcast.

    Thanks again for letting me talk about your work, and for sharing my site with others. Keep at it! I look forward to seeing some of your future work.

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