Butter Lamb (critiques welcome)

I’m currently enrolled in a Poetry class with Gotham Writers Workshop. So far, I love it! I’m taking it to brush up on some literary devices, read some new poetry, and practice my work shopping skills.

This week, we are working with apostrophe and one of the prompts was write a 10-20 line poem (using apostrophe) to address something under -appreciated and appreciate it. The rough draft of the poem for this assignment is below. Of course, as with all my posts, constructive feedback is welcome.

Read more about the Easter tradition of butter lambs here: Butter Lamb


Not white. Not cream. Infused with annatto. Ever so impure
a person can’t tell if it’s their own eyes or the world.
Every Easter you joined me for dinner, watching with peppercorn eyes,
while we wished the tablecloth was also a disappearing trick.

Cold. From a plain white paper box immediately from the fridge.
Cold. Stiffening your creamy peaks into wool. I daren’t cut
you at the table. Their eyes would crinkle
while their hands covered mouths’ whispers.

Pahoehoe of sunshine falls onto heavy pockmarked table
Your head begins to tilt; patience bowing. Let me join
you in your violet ribbon choker. Even if I pull too tight,
I’ll only depress and disappear into you.

Finally it’s midnight and no one touched you. You sit looking out
at me in the golden glow of the refrigerator. Forgive me
when I take a scoop of you with my Ritz.
A real Paschal feast.


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