Western Civ

We all like to sit and tell ourselves that fools gilded
high school high red eye dropout of a lie: we’re safe. With that: good LUCK.
You go enjoy your nice Saturday morning…
cup of coffee.

That hot brown liquid held within feminine curves,
you see but don’t enjoy, spending only enough time to click
Walden filter–its faded blues perfect for your faded blues fading

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In school, I wrote a timeline of human evolution on a biology exam.
Afterward, I told you the longest human timeline
exists in your pants. You laughed
as my fingers found the hole in your front pocket,
but never dug deep enough to find that hole
in your spirit.

I would have filled that hole forever with five and five fingers.

By now you’re that IT guy on the Number 5 draped in black,
curly hair tidied by a headband. Your eyes riveted
to a tan chest that barely rumbles with the rumbles of the train,
as if the subway tunnel’s integrity depended on it.
As if you’re saving us all.

Your faceted crystal face computer records
for future generations who don’t give a damn to look
while we all cease to live or remember.

I hope you enjoy that coffee
before it fades
to a binary thought puzzle
of yesteryear.



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