15 Hipster Rules (That I Ironically Live By)

The smaller the brim, the handier the hat.

The bigger the glasses, the smarter the brain.

The bushier the beard, the trimmer the wallet.

The deeper the scarf, the shallower the bosom.

The narrower the torso, the broader the suspenders.

The skinnier the jeans, the fatter the ego.

The harsher the prints, the rarer the outfit.

The grainier the filter, the artsier the photo.

The newer the smartphone, the older the record player.

The crappier the drummer, the clappier the song.

The obscurer the book, the cooler the read.

The older the cocktail, the classier the drunk.

The cheaper the food truck, the tastier the snack.

The pickier the taste, the broader the pastiche.

The safer the childhood, the scarier the freedom.




3 responses to “15 Hipster Rules (That I Ironically Live By)

    • Don’t know if I should be proud that I captured a truth, or ashamed because being right is too mainstream. 🙂

      • There is no shame in mainstream. There are however, far too many in the mainstream who are just plain wrong. You should pat yourself on the back for the captured truth. 😀 <3.

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